Nordic walking

We are all so used to not walking, now we have look for walking as a form of exercise.  One of the most active forms of walking which really burns a lot of energy is Nordic walking.  It is believed that this form of walking burns more calories, up to 40% more calories.  The walk itself is demanding, much more so than any other forms of walking.

If you really want to adopt walking as a form of exercise try Nordic walking. Nordic walking, you use sticks like skiing sticks and adopted a more work-like stride.

Another form of rigorous walking is the walking you see in sports events.  This is real exercise and these walkers are athletes like any other and are required to dedicate time and energy to this activity to succeed.   Including this in your exercise routine will burn a lot of calories.

Word of mouth

To all you nordic walker and athlete walkers out there, tell us about the benefits and your experience


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