Tactics to burn calories exercising

Our aim here is not to describe each method but to give you pointers for you to take actions on.

Great tactics are:

Training Instructor

This really does work.  Good instructors are hard to find but once you have one, this is the best way to achieve your goal to burn calories

Sets or Circuits

An experienced instructor will create the right exercise or sets for you to follow.  He/she will tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and how often you should do it. Above all, you will be shown how to do it safely

Working your Abs 

Exercises focused on your abs will not only give you great abs but will also allow you to burn calories.

Aerobic workouts

Everybody knows the power and benefits of proper aerobic workouts.  You can burn calories in way which is systematic and measurable.

Fullbody workouts

With your instructors, you can create a great full-body workout which ensures that you exercise all the muscles in your body.

Word of mouth

Do you know any good instructors you would like to remind?

Do you have exercises and routines that have worked for you in the past that you can share?

Any other exercise tips for burning calories?

Tell us and we will consider these for publication.


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