Stages of Weight Loss

You cannot lose weight unless you are determined.  You must be determined and committed to the act of losing weight.  You need a driving force which will motivate you.  For us, it is all about habit. You must form the habit of doing things that move in the direction of losing weight. Once you form these habits, they smile back at you and give you the body or the weight that you want or dream of.  It is really that simple.

Like in all forms of endeavour, the start is really the heavy lift, there is nothing harder than getting started.  But before you start, you must make the decision to start.  Once you have started the felling is great.

After a few days, maybe a week or two to start to notice the effect of what you are doing.  This is the “Result 1” phase. This face serves to motivate and encourage you.  After a period of consistency of 21 to 40 days, you see great results.  This really propels you and signifies new levels of effort and commitment.  After this level of excitement, you continue to put in the same effort and you see little or no result. This is the “Pain” phase, a lot of pain and effort but no gain. Beware this can lead to loss of motivation.  You must push through this phase because once you are through, you will experience so much joy from your drive to lose weight.  You start to look great, and more important you feel great.

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