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What is Tempo training

What is Tempo training? Tempo training is Fast Continuous Running, and its benefits are similar to...

Interval Training

Interval Training Internal training is mixing high-intensity training with lower or medium intensity training.  This has...

I Tried Jennifer Aniston’s Favorite Leggings, and I’m Officially Obsessed

I Tried Jennifer Aniston’s Favorite Sweaty Betty Workout Leggings | Health.com

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Eating late at night

Eating late at night There really nothing good about eating at night, unless you work through the night.  Most experts would advise against such habits. Some...

Nutrition Tricks to Lose Weight Naturally

Nutrition Tricks to Lose Weight Naturally The most effective way to lose weight naturally is by controlling what we eat.  How many times have heard...


Charcoal BBQ meat diet

Charcoal BBQ meat diet The inclusion of BBQ meat in a healthy diet creates a balanced meal supports a balanced diet. If you are not...

Benefits of Weight Lifting

Benefits of weight lifting There are many benefits of weight lifting but losing weight is not one of them.  The majority of people who do...